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The Rural


The Rural…

The RURAL!!!??? I hear you say! Yes you heard right. I have joined the ‘rural’ (Scottish Women’s Rural Institute’). For those of you who don’t know it’s the Scottish version of the WI. As you know I am obsessed with craft and the handmade country lifestyle and it seemed only natural to want to join the Women’s Institute. I’ve pondered on the idea for a while but it never came to anything. However, since watching ‘Kirstie’ I felt I had to look into it.

I also purchased Jazz Domino Holly’s book ‘Queen of Crafts‘ …. Excellent read by the way.

So I attended my first meeting at the Aberdour and Dalgety Bay SWRI group. Although I was the youngest there… My mum and her friend Gill the next youngest. I felt in great company. I could talk non stop about things I was passionate about. Once a month I will meet up with the rural group and I will post after each meeting as to whats been going on. I’m sure you will all be googleing your local institute soon.

Oh…. and my Folksy shop, sew eclectic is now up and running. Only a few items at the moment but I am working on the stock just now!!

Happy days!

Wishing you all a fabby crafting week.

Laurie x