A belated update

Ok I’ve been really rubbish at blogging the last couple of weeks!!! Sorry. Unfortunately I have a ‘real’ job aswell that pays our bills and have needed to focus on that the last couple of weeks.

So, whilst iv been away from blog land I have been nominated for the ‘versatile blogger award’ by the lovely a girl in winter. I am so flattered that I don’t even know you and you like my blog… Well I can tell you the feeling is mutual. I will formally accept this award in a later post very soon.

Whilst I have not been on here, I have still been lusting over patterns and fabrics as usual!!

I started working on my Colette patterns meringue skirt and violet blouse. Almost finished photos coming soon.


Next on the agenda is the peony dress.


The macaron dress


And lastly a project that may take me a while as a novice, the Ceylon dress. I am thinking navy pin dot fabric with red piping…, ooh I’m very excited about this.


Ive also finished my summer dress but have no pictures yet so will show you soon. It turned out gorgeous, I love it.


One thought on “A belated update

  1. Oooh love that Violet blouse! That’s on my wishlist of makes. I’m doing the Peony dress at the moment. I’ve had to make loads of adjustments to the bodice, but perhaps I have a weird body shape! Anyway, I think it’s going to be a really versatile dress now I’ve tweaked the muslin version.

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