A tribute in colour

To relax I like to crochet. I love crochet blankets.. The cosiness and granniness (if that’s a word!) of them.

Today I attended a funeral of a friends dad who sadly lost his life suddenly. I don’t enjoy funerals at all, the sadness and the wrenching feelings you get inside your stomach. However today was not a day of sadness as such, it was a day of celebration of life and laughter as this was ‘Dougie’.


Dougie was a big, bright and jolly person who enjoyed life, fun and a good old ‘carry on’.

So… I started to crochet my latest blanket in the brightest and cheeriest colours and soon realised that this blanket reflected who Dougie was as a person. So I’m going to call it the ‘Dougie blanket’ as it is fun, colourful and cheerful and that is how I will remember him. Although he didn’t wear bright colours a lot, his personality certainly was colourful.



I’m not the quickest at crochet and it’s quite a big blanket so it may take a bit time to finish but il keep you posted on the progress and dedicate it to the 55 years of life of a wonderful man and friend to many.

Lastly I would like to say to Kelly and Barry (Dougie’s daughter and son). What a fantastic service you organised today and although your dad is not with us now he will never be forgotten.