The Pledge

So I decided to set myself a new challenge, the challenge of all challenges for a woman who likes to shop. ‘THE PLEDGE’ I pledge that I will not buy any item of clothing for the next six months with the exception of thrifted goods and handmade. In the process I will make many of my own clothes and refashion some of the clothes I have already in the closet that are unworn! This does not include accessories and footwear (I’ve not mastered how to make a pair of shoes yet… Nor will I ever probably master this).

So on the schedule to make is my summer dress I keep ranting about. I will be using New Look pattern 6094 and the gorgeous floral mandors fabric. If it turns out well I may make a few more of this dress.



The Colette violet blouse and the Colette clover ankle grazers which are wardrobe staples. I’ve been looking on Flickr at some of the variations of the violet blouse and found some stunning ones here, here and again here.



I also love the free colette sorbetto top pattern, which is FREE bonus!!! There’s some lovely examples here and here.



P.S. This pledge does not include the rest of my family, just me, myself and I. Hopefully I will be sharing pictures with you soon of my makes and refashions!!