A tribute in colour

To relax I like to crochet. I love crochet blankets.. The cosiness and granniness (if that’s a word!) of them.

Today I attended a funeral of a friends dad who sadly lost his life suddenly. I don’t enjoy funerals at all, the sadness and the wrenching feelings you get inside your stomach. However today was not a day of sadness as such, it was a day of celebration of life and laughter as this was ‘Dougie’.


Dougie was a big, bright and jolly person who enjoyed life, fun and a good old ‘carry on’.

So… I started to crochet my latest blanket in the brightest and cheeriest colours and soon realised that this blanket reflected who Dougie was as a person. So I’m going to call it the ‘Dougie blanket’ as it is fun, colourful and cheerful and that is how I will remember him. Although he didn’t wear bright colours a lot, his personality certainly was colourful.



I’m not the quickest at crochet and it’s quite a big blanket so it may take a bit time to finish but il keep you posted on the progress and dedicate it to the 55 years of life of a wonderful man and friend to many.

Lastly I would like to say to Kelly and Barry (Dougie’s daughter and son). What a fantastic service you organised today and although your dad is not with us now he will never be forgotten.



The Pledge

So I decided to set myself a new challenge, the challenge of all challenges for a woman who likes to shop. ‘THE PLEDGE’ I pledge that I will not buy any item of clothing for the next six months with the exception of thrifted goods and handmade. In the process I will make many of my own clothes and refashion some of the clothes I have already in the closet that are unworn! This does not include accessories and footwear (I’ve not mastered how to make a pair of shoes yet… Nor will I ever probably master this).

So on the schedule to make is my summer dress I keep ranting about. I will be using New Look pattern 6094 and the gorgeous floral mandors fabric. If it turns out well I may make a few more of this dress.



The Colette violet blouse and the Colette clover ankle grazers which are wardrobe staples. I’ve been looking on Flickr at some of the variations of the violet blouse and found some stunning ones here, here and again here.



I also love the free colette sorbetto top pattern, which is FREE bonus!!! There’s some lovely examples here and here.



P.S. This pledge does not include the rest of my family, just me, myself and I. Hopefully I will be sharing pictures with you soon of my makes and refashions!!

Ooh knickers…

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I thought I’d update you all on my making progresses.

Firstly I’m running a knicker making workshop for a group of crafty ladies coming on a hen weekend to Edinburgh. Knicker making workshops are always a laugh so I’m really looking forward to it. Below is some snaps from the last one.




I’ve also been working on some kiddies dresses to stock my folksy shop, which at the moment is looking a bit bare.


Above: age 2-3years.


Above: age 2-3years.


Above: both age 1-2years.

That was just a snippet.

I’m also going to start working on my new summer dress which will be made from the lovely floral fabric I showed you in the post ‘a new dress’ I’m so exited and will hopefully be able to show you the finished garment soon

Anyway must get busy!!!


Hillwalking and crafting

Well it was an early start this morning. Off up a hill with a 3 and 4 year old. Benarty Hill ( I think that’s what it’s called??)


Beautiful day. Sun shining, all wrapped up. Something about being out with nature that makes you feel good 🙂



Halfway up was a drink stop to recharge and take in the already great views of the Scottish countryside.



And finally we reached the top for hot chocolate mmm.





Needs must. I had to squeeze some crafting into my day so I finished the dress I have been making for my mum, I love it!!


Tonight will be joining squares for my patchwork quilt, they’re all cut and ready to go…..


Happy crafting….

A New Dress

Well I woke up an thought… What to do? Turn a curtain into a dress for moi!! Why not. I used a pattern from one of my favourite (of MANY) craft books Sew La Tea Do by the fabby Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes. The too cute tunic dress. I am in love with this dress!!


I also purchased some gorgeous fabric for my new summer dress at Mandors in Edinburgh. Gorgeous!!


I know I’m not very good at blogging regularly but I’m working on it so bear with me.

Till next time….

The Rural


The Rural…

The RURAL!!!??? I hear you say! Yes you heard right. I have joined the ‘rural’ (Scottish Women’s Rural Institute’). For those of you who don’t know it’s the Scottish version of the WI. As you know I am obsessed with craft and the handmade country lifestyle and it seemed only natural to want to join the Women’s Institute. I’ve pondered on the idea for a while but it never came to anything. However, since watching ‘Kirstie’ I felt I had to look into it.

I also purchased Jazz Domino Holly’s book ‘Queen of Crafts‘ …. Excellent read by the way.

So I attended my first meeting at the Aberdour and Dalgety Bay SWRI group. Although I was the youngest there… My mum and her friend Gill the next youngest. I felt in great company. I could talk non stop about things I was passionate about. Once a month I will meet up with the rural group and I will post after each meeting as to whats been going on. I’m sure you will all be googleing your local institute soon.

Oh…. and my Folksy shop, sew eclectic is now up and running. Only a few items at the moment but I am working on the stock just now!!

Happy days!

Wishing you all a fabby crafting week.

Laurie x


Hello and welcome to my blog,

Well I’ve finally decided to join the land of blogging.  I’m a keen crafter always making things but recently I have begun to lose track of what I have been doing.  This probably means that I am doing far too much and need to slow down, however my brain translates this as ‘why don’t you add a blog to your to do list… Just to give you more work!!

I decided to start a blog to keep a journal of what I’ve been doing and what I’ve made. So here I am.  I’ve got a lot planned for the next few years.  Alongside the usual sewing, crocheting and mother duties, I am going to be setting up my ‘granny chic’ creative studio (aka the big shed in my parents garden), planning my handmade wedding and setting up my folksy shop.

I really hope you enjoy my Meanderings as much as I do.

Laurie x