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Show us yer pants! πŸ‘™

So the knicker making workshop went well. The ladies had a great time. As with every workshop the word ‘gusset’ being mentioned seems to spark laughter all around.

A sneek peek…













Thank you lovely ladies for a great class and have a fantastic wedding Nicola 🍸

Well my summer dress is all cut out and ready to go, so should be updating you on my progress in the next week of so.. Yay!!

I’ve made another couple of Colette sorbettos, I love that I can make a new top in 45mins. It would take me longer to get to a shop and buy one. Ok, il show you one just now but you must excuse the awful photography and the mess in the background!!


I know it’s a bit of a cop out post as its just filled with pictures but I promise I am planning some fantastic makes over the coming months so watch this space as il be letting you in on some fashions from the past that I plan of making.

Catch y’all soon βœ‚


Sorbetto love ❀

So… True to my word. The pledge I made. I have started on my summer wardrobe. I recently found Colette Patterns. An American pattern designer combining vintage with modern. Whats even better is they offer a couple of FREE patterns!! One of the free patterns is the Sorbetto Top. Simple and beautiful. To get the pattern I had to print off 20pages then piece them together. The test square should measure 4×4″ but I couldn’t get it to print to the right size, it kept printing off 3.75×3.75″. I soon gave up and just used the pattern at the wrong measurements. When cutting the pattern I just went up a size and it turned out fine .


So here’s the one I made. I love it. It’s such an easy to to wear and could go with anything. I’m defiantly going to be making these in a range of colours.
I will model later to show it on


Mums going on holiday next week so making some sorbettos for her too. Heres one I’ve nearly finished just to add a bit binding.


Just a quick one today as iv loads to do!! Speak soon.